Staff was very friendly, helpful, and informative

NOLAN ELMER L. | Apr 17, 2024
Dr Sawyer is an outstanding clinician and knowledgeable about many issues!! Personality is A++++!!

PATRICIA A T. | Apr 16, 2024
Dr Sawyer has diagnosed and treated skin cancer for my wife and I for several years. He always has time for our questions and we can understand his answers.

Damon M. | Apr 13, 2024
Several years ago Linda identified a pin sized spot near my eye that turned out to be melanoma. I credit her knowledge and experience for possibly saving my sight and life. Thank you

Mike S. | Apr 13, 2024
During my routine skin exam with Linda, I told her I was self-conscious about my arms' appearance. My skin looked crepe, dry, and saggy. Linda told me about laser skin tightening and offered to book a consultation to discuss it further. I had a thorough and informative consultation explaining the process, including risks, expected results, anticipated sessions, pain, and cost. Linda emphasized it may take up to three months to see results from the first Session and several sessions to achieve my desired results. Since Linda is highly knowledgeable, professional, and caring, I felt comfortable investing in my appearance and purchasing a session package. 1st Session- November 2023 Linda and her support team made me feel comfortable and safe in a spa-like treatment room. I was briefed on every step of the process, and my "pain" level was monitored closely. I can tolerate discomfort and wouldn't describe this as painful. It felt more like a rubber band being snapped against my skin. Ten weeks after the treatment, I started to see a slight improvement in the texture of my skin. 2nd Session-January 2024 As always, Linda and her team made me feel comfortable and safe. I did not experience pain, but my skin was slightly red and required extra CeraVe cream. Eight weeks after the second treatment, I noticed a marked improvement in the texture, tone, and appearance, so much so that I started wearing sleeveless tops again. 3rd Session – I will update this review after my next laser skin tightening treatment. I tend to worry about something going sideways or getting an infection. I would not feel comfortable with anyone other than a trained medical professional (dermatologist or plastic surgeon) performing a laser procedure on me. I am thrilled with my results and can't wait to see how my arms look after my subsequent treatment. *I am a 57 year old woman. Hiking enthusiast, resistance/weight training weekly. European decent (medium skin tone).

Jill S. | Apr 12, 2024
Like Dr N

DONALD L L. | Apr 12, 2024

JOHN TODD M. | Apr 11, 2024
Katrina is fantastic!!! She very professional and friendly. I will definitely recommend her to all my friends!!

JOELA ERNESTINE M. | Apr 08, 2024
Jessica is a very skilled derm PA. She gives the most thorough exams and finds spots I would never see. Jessica and Dr. Skinner are amazing.

LORI A. | Apr 07, 2024
Very professional and personal. Takes her time to go over issues you may have.

CHRISTINE C. | Apr 06, 2024
Excellent as usual

VIRGIL M B. | Apr 05, 2024
Very thorough and makes sure to follow up with you. I would highly recommend Katrina!

DOROTHY ARLINE S. | Apr 04, 2024

"Highly recommend Dr. Peterson and Staff! Great medical care and friendly environment." 

Alissa N.

"My concerns were immediately addressed. I wasn't spoken down to at all and I get informed about what to keep an eye out for the future. I was given a range of choices for future screening that allowed me as the patient to steer my own care."

Christopher A.

"Dr. Sawyer was amazing as always! He has treated my entire family - we wouldn't trust anyone else! Office staff was great too!"

Nancy S.